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You Define the Path, We’ll Help You Get There

Too often in this industry, firms set pre-determined paths and try to fit their clients into one of them. At Wealth Management Strategies, we believe life is like an endurance race; one we must all run. But in this race, we each get to define what “success” really means. Your path and your destination should be your own.

Where do you want to go?

Our experienced team wants to know what “wealth” means to you, so we can help you get there.

Our Process

A simple, straight forward process of discovery can lead to uncommonly effective results. We start with what seems like a simple conversation, but this discovery is what allows us to get to know you and what you hope to accomplish. Armed with this valuable information, we can call upon the extensive and diverse experience of our team to develop the most efficient and flexible strategies.

1. Have a Conversation

We start by talking to you, getting to know you better to learn about your life, your business, your goals, and anything else that helps us better understand you and your needs.

2. Provide ideas

Now that we know you and your goals better, we provide potential ideas and strategies to help you accomplish those goals. We show you all the best financial options available to you and work with you to determine which are the best fit.

3. Help you implement

Once we identify together what tools and resources are the best fit, we assist you in implementing them into your plan.

4. Monitor & adjust

We monitor your plan regularly to keep it on track. Your plan should be flexible, allowing us to adjust as your life and your goals change over time.

The Firm within a Firm

In addition to a one-on-one relationship with experienced professionals, WMS offers the capabilities and resources of a leading financial services organization. WMS is recognized as part of the Elite Advisors group (EAG), an internal recognition program of Equitable Advisors, LLC. Our broker-dealer, Equitable Advisors, has a dedicated network of financial professionals across the country.

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Broad & comprehensive experience

WMS provides a valuable synergy of knowledgeable professionals, each with a specific focus. Together, we create the Firm of Firms, a multi-disciplinary firm of experienced professionals, providing clients with a full spectrum of financial services. WMS serves a wide variety of clients, from individuals to businesses.


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